It is the change of direction of the nail towards the flesh with the deterioration of the structure of the nail.

It is more common in people who work standing up and spend a long time standing due to their job, as well as those who are engaged in sports; It is also caused by the wrong nail cutting. Wearing high-pressure shoes is effective. Contrary to popular belief, the reason is not about foot hygiene.

While our patients describe this disease; They use expressions like “I have walking difficulties due to my nail.”, “My nail on my hand and foot sometimes pierces my flesh.”, “I have severe pain in my fingers. It's getting inflamed. It's swelling."

Women may need to change their shoe preferences. An intervention made in non-sterile areas creates results that can hardly be compensated for.

Socks, antibiotics, and tampons do not give results. Pedicure procedures cannot interfere with ingrown nail tissue. In our center, the nail tissue of our patients who experience this disease is corrected. As a result of technical processes, it is ensured that the new incoming nail grows properly.

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