Literally, it means decreased bowel movements and consequently insufficient defecation or inability to defecate.

Patients usually apply to the clinic with the complaints of defecation difficulty, prolonged defecation and assisted defecation.

Among the causes of this disease; Nutrition with a diet containing insufficient fiber and subsequent slowing of the passage, nervous and metabolic diseases that cause a decrease in bowel movements, diseases that cause coordination disorders during defecation, and organic causes such as diverticular disease, polyps, intestinal cancers and intestinal hernia that prevent stool passage in the large intestine can be shown.

In the diagnosis, the stories told by the patients are generally considered sufficient. The important thing here is to find the cause of the disease and to plan the treatment for the cause.

By looking at the age and risk group of the patient, the cause of the disease is revealed by blood tests and invasive tests such as colonoscopy.

For example, it should not be forgotten that the use of drugs that increase the passage rate in a patient with bowel cancer may have serious consequences.

Constipation is not an incurable disease as it is thought, on the contrary, it is a dysfunction that can be easily treated with treatment for the cause.

In the resolution of this ailment; Successful results are obtained by increasing fluid intake, increasing consumption of pulpy food, timely and correct defecation, and regular and daily exercises.

If it is determined that the reason is due to decreased bowel movement or coordination disorder, then other methods are applied.

The disease can be treated by adding the necessary amount of ions such as calcium-magnesium-potassium and electrical stimulation of the nerves of the intestines.

If the cause is determined to be organic causes such as diverticular disease, polyps, intestinal cancers and intestinal hernia, the disease can be treated with surgical treatment for the cause.

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